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We are desperately in urgent need of financial Assistance asap

The GuardianAnge started this conversation


  I am a Single Mother of four children, ages 23,18,8,& 4 yrs old; I am pleading for a little help so we may relocate into at least a three bedroom house. We live on a very busy street in a duplex without a backyard. To have a house where the lil'tikes could have neighbors to play with would be a dream for them. Not to mention the fact that the children have considerably grown us out of our home here. I currently rent where I have lived in our present location for over 11 years; so to relocate now will not be too difficult but definitely necessary. I have checked with all the local agencies around here for financial assistance to help me in this relocation. But, had no luck do to the fact we are indeed blessed not to be homeless. I have checked into the cost, and it will cost us a substantial amount of about $3,200.00 to relocate my family at the bare minimum. We would be extremely grateful for any help we could get to gather the funds it will take for such a move. I have managed to set aside so far $250. Trying to pay for graduation and save while also seeing to the needs of the children is in it’s self a very difficult task. If some one would consider even helping us out with a loan, I would be willing to work that out if posible as well.
Any help we may receive would be truly grateful. Please Help us.
Your generosity would be extremely grateful.
Sincerely and truly
gratefully yours
The GuardianAngel2
To Help please send cash donations to:
C/O The Guardian
Y. Duncan
P.O. Box 1114
Riverside, Ca.
 Or email me @


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my daughter graduates in the morning a good friend who i trusted with my kids and home took over 1200 cash from our piggy bank in our night stand shes the only one who knew where it was. the money was for my straight a honor roll students gift n party plus rent n bills its gone.i have never asked for help before usually im the one helping others n volenteering etc. still recovering from a bad accident fell down stairs on a cement floor brain bleed and 3 surgerys on my arm it has taken over 5 years to learn to walk n talk agianand remember.these kids were all i had but were very responsable. now she worked so hard since middle school tokeep her gpa up and now the one friends i thought i could trust took it all.her history is she ran a stop sign and killed a 30 year old cop but sugar coated it by saying he was speeding if it were our son we would go after her she smoked pot then ran a stop sign but somehow she dosent think shes to blame.shes a great minpulater even had my kids thinking she was a wonderful person as well as me, i seen signs the past few months but didnt want to believe it but why now is the money we savcrd all gone we dont have good credit because the person responable for my accident lied, so we have over 100 grand doctor bills.if there isanything u can do to help or know any one else who can help please let me know please.she is off to college as a computer animater as well as teaching.this was the worst time this could have happened i always want to believe there is good in everyone but this is not true so sad.we r despreate my husband works at charter for 18 years but i get no kind of help financial wish.if i could find a ligit online job i could do this,so i dony want to beak my girls heart she worked so hard plus our rent n bill money is stolen so please give me adive as soon as possible ty kindly..god bless
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Hi,Im a 25 year old mom of two boy's 7and 9 year's old.I was brutaly raped at a job that i worked at.Inteel court the guy who raped me can go and do what he wants.He was the boss/owner of the job i was working at.It was a small buisness.every where i go he's there.i live on a public road in the country away from town and he drives by slowly looking at my house.The cops wont do anything intell he actioally make's a approach at me but then it well be to late.Im scared for me and my kids.I dont fell safe anymore.I want to relocate to a different state way away from here.I cant say where im going but it is very far.Here there is no help for victims with relocation.Right now Im not working and I stay home with my kids.Any donation will help so much.I just want to know that we wont be stalked and fell a threat. Thanks and GOD BLESS.

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Dear Gaurdian, I hope that you will be able to get the help you need. Just keep reaching out, even to some churches sometimes may be able to help. If you call one, or if you go to one, tell them your situation and usually soemone can try to help in some way. Not always financially but they could help with the move so it won't cost so much, or even possibly help you find a place that works better for your whole family and won't cost so much either. I know how hard it can be to get assistance, we can't get it through agencies most of the time. We do try some fundations at times. I know that the Lord is watching out for our well as us. I was single mom for 9 years and I know what you are going through. Just keep faith, and know things will be ok. Really.

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I personally cannot offer you any help as we are a struggling family. I just felt compelled to leave you a comment and tell you that I think it is an amazing and wonderful thing you are doing taking care of those children as your own. I have three of my own and I know how hard it can be financially and emotionally. I wish you luck and will pray for you all to be safe and happy. Good luck

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